'Twisted': Danny Gets Down and Dirty With Lacey...and Jo!

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After Danny and Jo share a steamy, dreamy kiss, he makes out with her frenemy...on his aunt's grave. As murderers do. Yes, Twisted's Danny Desai (Avan Jogia) is cute and mesmerizing and absolutely kissable. But it's time to come out and say it: this dude really is twisted.

Maybe he's innocent of killing Regina and was framed for poisoning his teammate, but making out with Lacey (Kylie Bunbury) on his aunt's grave is just...creepy. And this after he'd already hit second base with Jo (Maddie Hasson)?!

Teenage Dream: OK, so Danny's shirtless, steamy makeout sesh with Jo on her bed was all a figment of her lusty imagination. We get you, girl. But considering that Danny reenacted this same scene IRL with Lacey (minus the bare-chested bit), it's really time to redirect those hormones.

Why Hello There, Tyler: Jo has a perfect alternate in Phoebe's hot brother (Secret Circle's Chris Zylka), who hosted his own birthday party in the cemetery that Tara Desai now calls home. And what a cute couple these blonde babes would make, right?

Good Riddance, Archie: Lacey finally broke up with her bullying boyfriend for two obvious reasons: he's a jerk, and she'd rather be with Danny. But has she gone to bad boy to badder boy? Let's break it down: Danny murdered his aunt, he likes to roll around on her grave, he's a liar, and he might have killed her best friend. Hmmm, maybe she was better off with Archie (Grey Damon) after all?

Those Ain't Soccer Balls: When Danny's soccer buddy Cole comes down with a bad case of food poisoning, everyone blames Danny. Especially the coach, who boots him from the team after finding a bag of toxic mothballs in the locker room. Back it up: What kid these days has even heard of mothballs, much less where to find them? Does Archie-our No. 1 suspect here-also knit sweaters and crochet doilies in his spare time?

Sharing Secrets: The girls finally told Danny that his dad rented the Connecticut from which Regina's blackmail letter was sent. In turn, he revealed that he killed Tara because she threatened to destroy his family. He doesn't elaborate, of course. Unless she was holding a gas can and threatening to flick her Bic while the Desais were sleeping, what could be so awful that he choked her to death with a jump rope?

The Necklace Resurfaces. Again. Unlike its owner, Aunt Tara's ugly bauble just will not die! The episode concluded with a cop delivering the incriminating evidence to Sheriff Masterson's house, which doesn't look good for Danny. The question is, will the Scooby gang reveal their evidence implicating Vik Desai in...lots of stuff.


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