Amanda Bynes "Out Of Control," Physically Restrained in Hospital

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The troubled actress reportedly is swinging between lucid and normal in the hospital and "out of control"and had to be physically restrained and put in her own room It seems people in the hospital where Amanda Bynes is being treated are seeing two different sides of her.

Amanda, who's shown signs of schizophrenia and is reportedly suffering from a severe mental illness, is apparently aware that there's a "good Amanda and a bad Amanda," TMZ reports. When she talks about the "bad Amanda", she reportedly starts biting herself and mimicing an exorcism.

Source say the 27-year-old was lucid, normal and nice for 10 hours yesterday, but "shut down" when hospital staff asked her about the fire she started Monday.

But what really set her off was when she asked where her dog was, who she accidentally spilled gasoline on during the fire. When staffers told her her pet was safe with her parents, Amanda freaked out, saying: "They'll kill it, just like they tried to kill me!"

Amanda then got so out of control she reportedly had to be physically restrained. She was staying in a room with another patient originally, but had to be removed after berating and insulting her roommate.

Apparently, her drug tests have came back negative for everything except marijuana.

We wish her all the best in her recovery efforts.


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