Kris Jenner Talks About Sex, Mile High Club in Front of Kendall and Kylie!

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The talk show host discusses sex with Bruce Jenner in front of her teenage daughters on national the clip and see if you think Kris is inappropriate
Awkward alert!

While Kendall and Kylie Jenner attended a recent taping of their mom Kris Jenner's new talk show that their sister Khloe Kardashian was co-hosting, Kris decided to play a drinking game called "I Never."

Audience members would make statements and if Kris or Khloe had done whatever they said in the past, they'd have to take a sip of wine. Of course, the topic of sex came up.

Both Kris and Khloe admitted to faking orgasms. "Kendall and Kylie, earmuffs!" Kris instructed her daughters, 17 and 15. "They don't know what the big O is," Khloe replied. "It's the Oprah show!" Kris joked.

It got even more uncomfortable when Kris discussed joining the Mile High Club with their dad, Bruce Jenner and how they got caught. "That is disgusting," Khloe says before apologizing to her sisters. "I'm so sorry, girls!"

"We came back to our seats...and we thought we got away with something," Kris continues. "The guy picks up the PA and says, 'Thank you for flying with American, ladies and gentlemen. And we would just like to give a big congratulations to Kris and Bruce Jenner...for joining the Mile High Club!"

TMI! Do you think it's appropriate for Kris to talk about this in front of her daughters?


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