What Did Selena Gomez Get From Justin Bieber For Her Birthday?

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Well, so much for that $1 million birthday ring!

Justin Bieber reportedly got his on-and-off girlfriend Selena Gomez absolutely NOTHING for her birthday! Can you believe that?

Sel turned 21 years old last weekend and had several birthday parties (and even released a music video) to celebrate but Justin never made any appearances at her festivities. Although it's obvious Jelena have been off-and-on lately, you would think Justin would still get her something for her b-day! And it's not like he hasn't had PLENTY of time to buy her a gift...

So why didn't he?! Maybe they aren't together in any way and he felt it wasn't necessary? Perhaps his gift to her is yet to come? Maybe she told him not to get her anything? Who knows!

All we know is that it's super weird he didn't do something awesome for her. Justin used to swoon Selena all of the time with lavish gifts and surprises! There were reports a few months ago that he was planning on giving her a $1 million piece of bling on her b-day.

We are totally stunned the Biebs didn't reportedly get Selena anything for her 21st birthday, are you?!

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