Adam Levine: Immediately Becoming a Superstar After 'The Voice' Is a Fairytale

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The Voice has been under heavy fire recently because the show is yet to produce a breakout superstar the way American Idol has with Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and other popular singers.

During a recent press conference, Adam Levine addressed the issue, saying while it's obviously ideal that something like that would happen with their winners, it is sort of a far-fetched dream.

"We totally understand because of the comparisons that might exist out there, why it might seem to be a failure on the show's part," Adam said. "The immediacy of winning and becoming a huge star is a fairytale that we would love to see take place, but it's still a fairytale."

Christina Aguilera agreed with Adam, citing her own experience as an example. "It just doesn't happen that way. It didn't happen that way for me either. For instance when I sang for the Mickey Mouse club, the alum has huge names: Britney [Spears], Justin [Timberlake], Ryan Gosling...All these names come from that show but right after the show did we all rocket to success right after? No, it takes time."

Carson Daly also spoke out about the same issue on a recent episode of Oprah's Next Chapter, saying, "Oprah, when did the endgame become success?" And what does it mean to be successful? What does it mean to be a breakout star?"

Do you agree with Adam, Christina and Carson's comments? Do you think it's unreasonable to assume that winning the show means immediately becoming a big star?

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