Is Michael Lohan Suing Farrah Abraham?

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Farrah Abraham alleged during a recent interview that her former PR person was sleeping with Michael Lohan, who is engaged and has a six-month-old child. Now, Michael is fighting back. Farrah Abraham's behavior over the past couple of months has definitely been interesting, but it might have landed the sex tape star in some serious legal trouble.

During a recent interview, Farrah shot down reports that she was kicked out rehab for being disruptive, saying that her old manager made that claim and that she's a "lying b*tch."

In another interview a few days later, Farrah alleged that said manager was sleeping with Michael Lohan, who reps the rehab facility and that's basically why she went there.

Now, Michael (who is engaged) is putting his foot down, trying to stop Farrah from spreading what he says are complete lies about him.

Regarding Farrah's statement, Michael said in an interview with 107.5 KZL that, "There is legal action being taken by an attorney down here in FL and one in CA."

He continues, "You can say you have the freedom of speech to say what she said, she has no right making those accusations when it's not true at all and when she couldn't even prove it and it hurt my relationship tremendously and I have a six-month-old son and you just don't do stuff like that."

Michael believes that Farrah said what she did because, "She had a deal with Gina [the manager] who set up her video shoot to pay her a commission and she reneged on that and Gina is suing her right now because she never paid Gina for all the work she did, so that was her recourse."

Sounds like the lawyers will have to sort this one out.

Who are you more inclined to believe: Farrah Abraham or Michael Lohan?

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