Lamar Odom Claims Alleged Mistress Is an NBA Groupie

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Lamar Odom has been at the center of a scandal alleging that he cheated on his wife Khloe Kardashian. Now, a new report is claiming Lamar told Khloe that the alleged mistress is just an NBA groupie. Lamar Odom has had a rough couple of weeks.

A woman named Jennifer Richardson has come forward claiming she had a year-long affair with the NBA star, which has put his personal life at the center of many media outlets.

The usually quiet Lamar even lost his temper with a paparazzo after the photog confronted him asking him point-blank if he'd cheated on wife Khloe Kardashian.

Unfortunately for Lamar and Khloe, this scandal just won't seem to go away as the alleged mistress continues to share bits and pieces of her story with Star magazine.

While there has been a lot of speculation about what kind of toll this is all taking on Khloe and Lamar as a couple, a new report by RadarOnline says that Lamar has spoken with Khloe about it and told her that the alleged mistress is just an NBA groupie.

"According to Lamar, Jennifer is a notorious NBA groupie, and follows various teams around during the season," their source spills. "Jennifer has been relentless in her pursuit of Lamar."

They claim that Jennifer is just one of 7-10 groupies that follow the Clippers on the road and as far as the players are concerned, "it doesn't faze them."

Since we're rooting for Khloe and Lamar, we hope that's really all there is to it!

What would you do if you were Khloe? Would you take his word for it or do some digging of your own?



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