'Dexter' Season 8, Episode 5: Dexter Hunts for Yates

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Serial killer Yates resurfaces on Dexter, kidnapping Dr. Vogel while he's at it. Will Dexter find them before it's too late? And what's in store for Deb after she tried to kill him last week? Find out here!
This week's episode of Dexter kicks off with a therapy session with Dr Vogel.

And considering Deb tried to kill Dexter on the last episode, that's probably for the best.

While Deb and Dex are working out their issues though, there's other drama brewing in Miami.

After Yates discovers that Dex is on to him, he busts into Vogel's house (literally, he throws a table through her window in broad day light) and kidnaps her.

Deb and Dex team up and find Vogel, and kill Yates in the process, putting the Brain Surgeon serial killer's spree to an end and somewhat mending their relationship for the moment.

But, it appears there's another killer on the loose in the form of a suspicious teen boy.

His father, Hamilton, had an affair with a woman who wound up dead, and witnesses placed him at the scene of the crime.

Although the witnesses later recanted their stories, Dexter still has his eye on him.

And it looks like that's a good thing.

Meanwhile, Masuka confirmed via DNA test that the woman who showed up at Miami Metro is indeed his daughter.

When she asks him to pay for lunch and makes comments about his wealth though, he suspects she might be after his money and asks Deb to run a background check on her.

And because this is Dexter, we have a feeling it may not come back squeaky clean.

What did you think of tonight's Dexter?

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