Is Kylie Jenner Dating Lil Twist?

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Kylie Jenner was rumored to be dating Jaden Smith, but lately she's been seen out with Justin Bieber's BFF Lil Twist. They could be just friends...or it might be something more. Now that Kendall Jenner got away with hiding her relationship for over a year, fans are being extra vigilant when it comes to keeping tabs on sister Kylie Jenner's love life.

Originally, it was believed that Kylie was dating Justin Bieber's friend Jaden Smith, but now rumors are swirling that Kylie is linked to a different one of Bieber's buddies--Lil Twist.

After the duo was spotted getting some frozen yogurt together earlier this month, rumors immediately started to fly.

Now that they've been spotted on a second outing together (they went to a movie), fans seem even more convinced that these two just might be more than friends.

While neither Kylie or Lil Twist has addressed the rumors directly, Kylie did tweet this after their first sighting together: "Media always making it seem like I'm dating everyone I'm seen with.. Makes no sense to me. Don't listen to everything u see, people."

Of course, it's always a possibility that Kylie is just playing coy, but considering that she spent the 4th of July with Jaden Smith, we think these two are just in the same circle of friends and like to hang out sometimes.

Do you think Kylie and Lil Twist are dating?



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