'Pretty Little Liars' Season 4, Episode 8: Who Confessed to Wilden's Death?

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File this under things we didn't see coming. Pretty Little Liars had a big twist on its "Guilty Girls' Handbook" episode, with one of the Liars confessing to Detective Wilden's death. Take a peek at what went down!
File this under things we didn't see coming.

Pretty Little Liars had a big twist this week, with Mona taking center stage at the end of the episode.

Check out our reaction to the biggest storylines from "The Guilty Girl's Handbook."

Hanna's Plan: Things keep getting worse for Hanna's mom. After police cart her off to jail for Detective Wilden's murder, Hanna finds out that they're moving her to another jail until her trial. To try to get her mom out of jail, Hanna decides to tell the cops that she killed the detective in self-defense. Then, she turns to Mona for advice on her plan. Caleb stops Hanna just in time, but the confession plan doesn't end there. Mona walks into the station and confesses to the murder instead. Jaw. dropped.

Toby's Mom: Spencer is still trying to help Toby find out what happened to his mother, and what she finds is pretty unsettling. The notes in a file from the night Toby's mom died say she fell from the roof of the hospital, but Wilden's official report says it was the window. Looks like he flubbed it. Interesting.

Emily's Saga: Emily meets up with her old Habitat for Humanity supervisor (Rumer Willis) to get a recommendation for college and agrees to sign up for another trip next summer. Meanwhile, she and her mom are still dealing with the whole car driving through their living room saga from last week's episode. Now, they're living in a motel. Emily's mom breaks down when she tells her she plans to go to Nicaragua for the summer and ends up sobbing in her daughter's arms.

Aria and Jake reunite: Aria turns to Jake when she finds out Mike's teammates have been bullying him....and then they end up agreeing to go on a date to see Insidious 2.

What did you think about this week's episode?

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