Justin Bieber Scolds Fans at His Show, Puts Belieber's Cell Phone Down His Pants

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Uh, gross!

Justin Bieber not only scolded fans at his recent Newark, New Jersey show but he also put one fan's cell phone down his pants!

It all went down when Bieber told fans to "refrain" from throwing objects up on the stage. He also threatened to stop performing if they didn't stop. That's when a fan threw a phone on stage and Justin grabbed it and put it down his famous low-crotch pants!

You have to watch the entire thing for yourself! Peep it all in the video above!

Are you surprised Bieber put his fan's phone down his pants?! Do you think the fan thought it was awesome or gross that he did that? And what about him threatening to quit playing if they didn't stop...lame or necessary?

Click to find out why Justin's people insist he didn't spit on his fans in Toronto!

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