One Direction Hooking Up with Groupies? 1D Tells All

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Do the One Direction guys hook up with groupies? Niall Horan and Liam Payne tell all in the new British GQ magazine interview with 1D. Groupies and booze come with fame and celebrity, but the One Direction guys are a little too busy for partying. One Direction British GQ hook up with groupies drink and partyDo the One Direction guys hook up with groupies?

In the new interview with British GQ magazine, the guys were asked about life on the road...including groupies and booze.

Heck, that's what rock n' roll is built on, right?

Seems the boys are really too busy to get hung up in the typical pitfalls that come with fame.

Niall Horan said the potential for drinking and partying just hasn't been there, explaining, "We haven't been on the road long enough yet--ask me in a few months' time. All last year, we were touring in America so we were all under age, so we couldn't really party then, anyway."

We love Liam Payne's answer about their loyal girl followers, explaining, "Groupies? We don't have time to party! I'm not even single. This sort of talk will get me in trouble."

1D is pretty serious when it comes to their work, with Niall noting, "We go back on the road straight after a show and we're gone. I wish we did have time for girls and parties but we don't."

Liam had a gem of an idea to remedy that, however, saying, "Maybe we need someone to schedule that in for us."

1D party coordinator? Where do we sign up?

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