Bridgit Mendler's Got Serious Skillz--Onstage and in the Kitchen!

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Bridgit Mendler's talents aren't limited to on set and stage, she's also creative in the kitchen!

When Bridgit stopped by the Cambio studio for a live video Q & A, she told us that if she wasn't acting and singing, she'd want to own a restaurant, because she loves to cook.

"I'd like to be a chef. I like making breakfasts where you just look in the fridge and see what's there for breakfast. One night my dad had made salmon and rice and so I turned that into a stir-fry with eggs and then I added some Parmesan in there like just some fresh onion and garlic and just turned it into a little breakfast stir-fry sort of thing," said Bridgit. "You never know what you can come up with."

Wow, we hope she invites us over for breakfast sometime!

Bridgit also teased that a European tour is in the works and spilled some other fun facts about herself, such as her go-to snack (popcorn), her dream duet (Bruno Mars), what she liked to do as a kid (dig for worms) and what's on her bucket (skydiving).

"It'd be kind of cool to [go skydiving] in Hawaii or something," said Bridigt. "But I guess the fear in that is it's an island, so what if you miss it?"

In addition to joking around and showing off her signature silly sense of humor, she also gave her best tips for aspiring actors and actresses.

"I think it's important to know that it's a job and know that it takes a lot of hard work," said Bridgit. "There were a lot of auditions that I went on and didn't make it and you have to preserver, but if it's something you really care about, that's a part of the process."

Watch the highlights of Bridgit's live chat with Cambio's Paige above and the recap of the entire live chat here.

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