Farrah Abraham's Parenting Skills Under Fire...Again!

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Farrah Abraham's parenting skills have been called into question many times, but now her fans are attacking her over something they saw in a Keek video she posted herself. Farrah Abraham is often criticized about her parenting decisions.

A neighbor who lived near Farrah in Florida said that the Teen Mom star used to drop her daughter Sophia off for days at a time so that she could go out and enjoy her life. She also said that Sophia often hadn't been bathed for days and that she would do it herself so that the child would be clean.

Farrah also came under fire when she brought Sophia to the Vivid offices with her when she was negotiating the sale of her sex tape.

Still, many others worry less about where Farrah is taking Sophia and more about how often she's leaving her as she continues to tour the country doing appearances at strip clubs.

It seems that often times when Farrah is with Sophia, she is posing for (not so) candid paparazzi shots or posting videos of them together.

Most recently, fans jumped all over Farrah for the fact that her four and a half-year-old daughter is still using a pacifier.

Even Jenelle Evans got in on the action and offered Farrah some (unsolicited) advice on how to break her from the binky.

"What was a very good idea we did for Jace was throw a mini 'Goodbye Bottle' party at my mom's house. Ever since then he hasn't wanted to use it," she shared.

Hey, that actually sounds like a pretty good idea!

Of course, Farrah never asked for Jenelle's opinion and given their frequent feuding, we doubt she is too interested in Jenelle's advice.

How old is too old for a kid to be using a pacifier?

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