Harry Styles Says He Regrets the Tattoo Ed Sheeran Gave Him

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Harry Styles has a ton of tattoos but there are a few he regrets...like the one Ed Sheeran gave him! Find out what Harry had to say about Ed's ink job and see a pic of it here! Think he's just sour about it because Ed and Taylor Swift are like BFFs now? There one's thing (probably other than dating Taylor Swift) that Harry Styles regrets and that's a few of his tattoos!

In a recent interview with We Love Pop magazine, Harry admitted that his mother isn't really into his ink and that he regrets getting a few of them done.

"She doesn't not like them, but I always used to wear long sleeves when I went round. She doesn't get that mad - she's not like that - but she will say, 'That's enough now'...There are some that my friends have done and some that are just awful. I regret this one [that Ed Sheeran did] on my wrist... I mean, these are just crap," Harry said.

Ed inked a lock on Harry's left wrist awhile back and even posted a pic of the moment on Twitter.

In the same interview, Harry also revealed something juicy about his band mate Liam Payne and revealed that he got his flirt on with Michelle Obama! Read about that here.

So why does Harry think Ed's tattoo he gave him is "crap"? Does maybe the fact that Ed is BFFs with Harry's ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift, have anything to do with it?

We honestly don't think that has anything to do with Harry not liking his tat. Actually, Ed and Harry got "bro tats" together awhile ago! So there can't be any hate there, right?! Plus, Ed has made it quite clear he's just friends with Taylor!

What do you think of Harry's tattoos? What about the one Ed gave him? Do you have any ink that you regret getting done? Let us know!

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