Justin Bieber Orders Pizzas For Fans Waiting Outside His NYC Hotel

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Justin Bieber isn't THAT bad of a guy! Just ask his fans who were camping outside his NYC hotel room earlier today!

Not only did Justin send them a "I hear you out there" tweet but he also ordered his waiting, die-hard fans some eats!

According to a report on E! Online, Justin ordered pizzas for the Beliebers that were waiting outside the Langham Place, Fifth Avenue hotel he was staying at in the Big Apple. Dedicated as ever to get a glimpse of him, the fans were waiting outside in the rain!

What's even better is that Justin reportedly found a way to sneak past all of the fans camped outside his hotel. And no, we aren't talking about him escaping in a trash can this time, either! While they were all at the building's entrance, Bieber supposedly snuck out a private door and headed to Starbucks!

This isn't the first cool thing Justin has done for his waiting fans. He reportedly went outside his hotel to meet and sing to some of them Tuesday night too. This is all good news considering the Biebs has gotten some slack lately after photos were released that showed him allegedly spitting on his fans! Read about that here.

Do you think it's cool Justin bought his fans food? Would you wait outside in the rain to see him?!

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