Katy Perry Says the 'Smurfs' Were Taboo in Her Childhood Home

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Katy Perry, who grew up in a religious household, revealed that there were some things that were taboo in her childhood home, including Madonna and the 'Smurfs.' Katy Perry may star as the voice of Smurfette in the new Smurfs 2 movie, but unlike Britney Spears' boys, who are huge Smurfs fans, Katy grew up in a Smurf-free household.

"I grew up in a very religious household and so a lot of things were monitored," she revealed. "Some things were allowed but Madonna was always taboo and so were The Smurfs."

What? No Smurfs?!

Katy, who grew up in a religious household (both of her parents are Pentecostal pastors), says that she had other restrictions, too, which might not have been such a bad thing.

"I was very annoyed that I wasn't allowed to go to sleepovers but I know what kids are up to on those sleepovers now," she joked.

Fortunately for Katy, she's all grown up now and can make her own rules. In fact, she could even watch the Smurfs AT a sleepover if she wanted to!

Did you have shows you weren't allowed to watch when you were a kid? Which ones were they?

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