'Dexter' Season 8, Episode 6: Dexter Gets a Protégé

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Dexter confirms his suspicions that Zach Hamilton isn't the innocent teen he's made himself out to be. Check out what Dexter discovers about Zach and the shocking twist that happened at the end of this episode of 'Dexter!' We may have only seen a little bit of Zach Hamilton in the last couple of episodes, but we got to know him way better on this episode of Dexter.

When Dexter starts following Zach around after he catches him snapping pictures at crime scenes (as a hobby), he confirms his suspicions that Zach isn't the innocent teen he's tried to make himself out to be.

Check out our reaction to the biggest storylines from the latest episode of Dexter!

A New Dexter: When Dexter finds evidence that Zach Hamilton killed Norma Rivera, his father's mistress, he brings the undeniable photos to Dr. Vogel, who has taken Zach on as a client.

Dr. Vogel admits Zach confessed to Norma's murder, giving Dexter an even bigger reason to kill Zach (especially before Zach kills a woman he's been stalking). But, Dr. Vogel wants to give Zach a killing "code" instead-similar to the one she created for Dexter.

Dexter's New Mentee: Although Dexter is against the idea of keeping Zach alive at first, he changes his tune after he tapes Zach up to a table in his kill room, and discovers that Zach isn't what he seems to be.

Zach admits he killed Norma in order to protect his mom, who he said had been "drinking herself to death" while his dad was out cheating on her. Although it appeared Zach was going to kill his dad's second mistress, he had actually decided to go after his dad instead, to put his mom's suffering to rest for good.

The idea that Zach isn't an unremorseful psychopathic killer (yet) seemed to warm Dexter's heart, and he cut him loose, wrestling with the idea that he could be a serial killer mentor of sorts to him.

Hannah McKay is Back: O.M.G. In the best twist of the evening, Deb and Dexter start to feel a little woozy towards the end of the episode for no apparent reason, and after they collapse, in walks Hannah McKay--Dexter's lover from last season, who he turned into the cops!

We can't wait to see how this turns out.

What did you think about tonight's episode of Dexter?


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