Oops, she did it again!

Britney Spears, who's had some major fashion mistakes in the past, headed to church with her boyfriend David Lucado on Sunday wearing a skintight dress and thigh high boots.

The 'Ooh La La' singer and mother of two also sported messy hair as she entered a Thousand Oaks church hand in hand with her man.

This outfit looks like something you'd wear to a club to us, not Sunday services, but it's not the first time Brit's rocked a revealing outfit to mass. She wore a miniskirt to church back in January.

At least her relationship seems to be going well! Britney, who was previously engaged to Jason Trawick, has been seeing David since February. E! News reports that David has been living with Brit since April.

The couple that worships together, stays together? Stay tuned!
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