'True Blood': Will Sookie Marry Warlow...or Is He Already Dead?

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Sookie (Anna Paquin) is playing a dangerous game of "Sex, Marry, Kill?" with Warlow (Rob Kazinsky) on True Blood -- but Eric's attack on the faerie vampire might have made the remaining two options moot. Sookie (Anna Paquin) is playing a dangerous game of "Sex, Marry, Kill?" with Warlow (Rob Kazinsky) on True Blood.

She's already taken care of the first option, and now is seriously considering his proposal-even though marriage literally means eternity, because she'd "rather walk the earth as a corpse" than be buried next to her parents.

Left at the Altar: Unfortunately, her decision might be moot: Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgård) might have mortally injured the defenseless vampire-faerie after stealing into faerie land after feasting on Andy's daughter. Warlow's possible death is bad news for everyone (especially Warlow, of course): Bill had persuaded Sookie to arrange a meeting with him in order to save his imprisoned peeps. Eric may or may not have the same goal, but either way Bill's premonition is very close to coming true.

Disco Inferno: After Sarah Newlin tortures the truth out of her ex-husband-that the Bon Temps faction are staging a Tru Blood hunger strike-our mostly favorite vamps (Tara = meh) find themselves trapped in the gladiator ring, about to be incinerated by the sun. They can forget any other help from the mortal faction: With a "Thank you, Jesus" and a killer stiletto, Sarah Newlin murdered an inquisitive, angry Tru Blood rep before she could broadcast the goings-on at Vamp Camp.

Lone Wolf: Outside the prison walls, Alcide finds his conscience, fights his pack, rescues Nicole and her mom, and gets drunk with Sam at his bar. Is this the beginning of a beautiful four-legged friendship? Sam could use a pal right now, because his dog's sense of smell tells him Nicole is pregnant with his baby. There's no way she could know herself at this point, but it's enough for Sam to refuse the advances of Sookie, who is looking to expand her onetime love triangle into a hexagon.

Blood Slave: Poor Jason. Gen pop didn't get a chance to feed on him, because HVIC Violet instantly adopted him as her exclusive pet. She made a meal out of him, and came back for more, but at least she's not feeling rapey ... yet.

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