'16 & Pregnant' Star Claims the Show Is Scripted

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'Teen Mom' has come under fire recently for claims that the show is scripted and now, a cast member from '16 & Pregnant' is claiming that it is scripted, too. Recently, the MTV hit reality show Teen Mom came under fire for claims that it was scripted and that the girls were coached to say certain things.

Now, a cast member from the show's predecessor, 16 & Pregnant is revealing that that show is scripted as well.

Sarah Roberts (from Season 4), revealed to The Real Teen Mom that every season of the show is fake and that MTV stages and scripts many of the scenes. She also sets the record straight on compensation, saying that she was paid $5,000 for her appearance on the show.

Sarah isn't the first 16 & Pregnant cast member to claim that the reality show is far from real.

Megan McConnell (from Season 2B) wrote a blog post, saying very similar things. "My voiceovers were pretty much all lies," she wrote on her blog (which she was later ordered to remove). "I would say 90% of the stuff they MADE me say was a lie. It took five hours to record voiceovers because I fought every little bit of it."

It seems that 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom are just two more shows to add to the list of "reality shows" that might not be so real, after all.

Do you care if "reality shows" are scripted or do you like watching them regardless?

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