'Candidly Nicole': Nicole Richie Takes on Circus School

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Nicole Richie tries her hand at Circus School on this week's Candidly Nicole and discovers she has a hidden talent. Check out how the fashionista got her work out on with the help of a couple of trainers! Nicole Richie is heading to circus school!

On this week's Candidly Nicole, the fashionista gets her flexibility on, trying her hand at a new workout via the school's circus/gymnastic techniques.

Nicole, who found the exercises to be "sexual," practiced her balance on a thin wire, hit a "back straddle" on a trapeze and twirled around on a ribbon.

"As far as exercising, I always like to try new things, but I've never been to circus school," Nicole said. "I definitely feel like I'll fit right in because I know they have to be limber and that's what my nickname was in college."

After finding that her true talent lies in her pelvis sway, Nicole takes on the stage name "Pelvis Elvis," slaps on a circus costume and performs on a ribbon.

"Here's my pelvis," Nicole says as she twirls around on the ribbon.

Check out Nicole's entire trip to circus school in the clip above!

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