Kanye West Wants to Buy Elvis Presley's Graceland for Kim Kardashian?

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Is Kanye West planning on packing up Kim Kardashian and North West and heading to Tennessee? According to new rumors, Kanye might be purchasing Elvis Presley's Graceland home! Get more details here! Does Kanye West want to buy Elvis Presley's Graceland home?

According to several reports, the rapper does have his eye on the rock-n-roll masterpiece. Kanye is reportedly a huge fan of the king and would love to own a piece of entertainment history like Graceland.

Unfortunately for Kanye though, Elvis' daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, recently talked about giving up her dad's home on Twitter and needless to say, it doesn't look too promising for him.

"Re your questions, As I have said before Graceland and all of its artifacts are all mine and always will be," she tweeted a few days ago.

Britain's Daily Star is reporting that contrary to her tweet, Lisa IS secretly planning on selling the mansion, that's worth reportedly around $85 million. So perhaps we can expect a "Kim and Kanye Take on Graceland" reality show in the near future?....

"Kanye is really excited about the possibility of owning it...He thinks it would be really cool if he, Kim and baby Nori lived there, at least some of the time," a Kardashian insider told Daily Star.

Do you think Lisa Marie should give up her dad's iconic mansion? If so, should she sell to Kanye and Kim Kardashian?!

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