'Pretty Little Liars' Season 4, Episode 9: Emily's Terrible Birthday Party

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On this week's Pretty Little Liars, Paige's decision to throw Emily a surprise birthday party turns out to be a bad one, with one of the guests ending up face down in the lake. Find out what went down!
On this week's Pretty Little Liars, Paige's decision to throw Emily a surprise birthday party turns out to be a bad one, and a mysterious donor bails Ashley out of jail.

Those weren't the only storylines that caught our attention this week though.

Take a look at our reaction to PLL's "Into the Deep!"

Ashley's Out: Hannah's mom makes bail, thanks to a mysterious donor, who we later find out is her boyfriend Pastor Ted. By the way, Ashley's bail was one million dollars. We don't know where Ted has been all season, but it's a good thing he came back.

Surprise Party from Hell: This week, Paige learned that every surprise isn't a good one. After Paige sends Emily to a swim coach without telling him the severity of her injury, Emily rushes over to confront Paige at her aunt's lake house. The problem is, Paige has thrown Emily a surprise party, and just as Emily busts in and yells "why did you lie!," everyone pops up and yells "surprise!"


Once Emily greets everyone, she takes a moment to sit by the lake, Paige follows her, and they both admit they probably won't be together next year if Emily isn't at Stanford when they start college next year.

And there was more drama at the lake house to come.

Emily (who clearly is not having a great birthday) finds Jenna floating in the pool...and when she pulls her out...she's not breathing.

Jenna has lost her sight again, so she had been staying close to Shana the whole time during the party. How she got outside and then fell (or got pushed) into the lake is a big mystery.

Luckily, Jenna survives. Spencer goes to the hospital to visit her, and runs into Shana, who tells Spencer Jenna is afraid of CeCe Drake.

Is CeCe Drake behind Jenna's accident?

Aria and Jake: Aria sees Jake at the party with a hot blonde high school chick (the night after he spent the night on her couch) and gets jealous. Aria tries to downplay her jealousy by asking Jake who the girl is he brought with him, but later admits that she was jealous after they end up back at Aria's house following Jenna's brush with death. Jake asks her to "let him in" and see what happens. Aria agrees and they seal that deal with a kiss. Looks like this romance is totally on.

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