'Teen Wolf' Season 3, Episode 10: Will Scott Join the Alphas?

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The show's "The Overlooked" episode kicked off with the Teen Wolf gang in the midst of an epic thunderstorm and a major battle with the Alphas. Check out what went down on this week's Teen Wolf.

Tonight's episode kicked off with the Teen Wolf gang in the midst of an epic thunderstorm and a major battle with the Alphas.

Check out what went down on Teen Wolf's "The Overlooked!"

Derek vs. the Darach: Jennifer heads back to Derek's loft and tries to convince him that she isn't the Darach, but Scott and Stiles reveal her secret when they show up. To prove her true identity, Scott throws mistletoe on her, which unveils her disfigured Darach face. Before Derek can choke her to death though, she tells him "you need me," adding that she's the only person who can save his sister Cora, who's on the brink of death in a nearby hospital.

Will Cora survive?: Speaking of Cora, Derek and Stiles manage to get her into an ambulance, but they soon discover that Kali has already killed the driver of it--meaning they're going nowhere. When Derek and Jennifer run away (literally) from Kali to escape her, Stiles stays in the ambulance with Cora and tries to resuscitate her via CPR. It works and she takes a deep gasp. She's okay...for now.

Stiles' Dad and Scott's Mom: Meanwhile, Stiles' dad is still missing, and Jennifer tells the gang that she will let the sheriff go and save Cora if they keep her safe from the Alphas.

And speaking of Teen Wolf parents, Scott's mom saves Scott after the Deucalion forces her to shut down the power in the hospital and then lets her go. When Scott goes back into the hospital to save Jennifer and his mom, the twins--who have morphed into one mega twin--show up. Right before the twins unleash their fury on him though, Mrs. McCall pops up and defibrillates them, and the mother-and-son duo escapes.

Darach's Secret: When the power shuts off, Jennifer and Derek get stuck in an elevator shaft together. In the midst of that, Jennifer reveals to him that she was Kali's emissary, and the one wolf she couldn't kill. Kali had left her for dead when they battled each other, but didn't make sure she wasn't still alive.

Before the near-death incident, Jennifer says she discovered that a virgin sacrifice gave her power, adding that virgins, warriors, healers, etc. "loaned" her power so she could destroy the Alphas (her explanation for her killing spree).

After telling Derek her story, Jennifer morphs into the Darach while his back is turned, and tells Derek to look at her. The next thing we see is Derek lying lifeless on the ground, and Jennifer no longer in the elevator.

The True Alpha: Earlier in the episode, Jennifer tells the gang Deucalion is only adding the rarest of Alphas to his pack--True Alphas--like Scott. Scott later meets up with Deucalion when he can't find his mom and Jennifer goes missing. Thinking he can get his mom and Stiles' dad back, Scott walks towards Deucalion after he says, "let's help each other."

Meanwhile, Scott's mom and Stiles' dad are tied up in a basement, or "Nemeton" as the sheriff says "she" called it.

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