Jonas Brothers: "People Don't Know Some of Our Secrets"

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How have the Jonas Brothers managed to grow up in the spotlight but avoid scandals and pitfalls that many young stars encounter? Kevin, Nick and Joe Jonas talk about growing up Disney and keeping secrets. %VIRTUAL-Slideshow-2938%

The Jonas Brothers may have grown up in the spotlight, but they've managed to avoid scandals and the pitfalls of being a young celebrity.

In a recent interview with Yahoo, Kevin, Nick and Joe talked about "growing up Disney"--and they have no regrets, with Joe saying it was a "fun experience to be a part of that group of people."

When asked how they've "dodged some of the normal missteps that other teen stars have made," Joe joked, "We're hiding drugs."

Nick's response? "What an answer."

Joe did answer seriously, saying, "We really never had any interest in doing crazy stuff. Plus the biggest excuse on our behalf is that Twitter and MySpace were just taking off when we started 10 years ago."

He added, "I think there are a few things where maybe we got lucky here and there, and people don't know some of our secrets, but you know we also never really had an interest."

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