Miley Cyrus Tweets Family Picture With Her Mom and Dad, Deletes It

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Miley Cyrus is playing Twitter games again! This time the singer posted a picture of herself with her mom and dad and then deleted it! What's even better is that after she deleted the pic, she posted another pic of just her and her mom! So, what's this all mean? Find out! It looks like Miley Cyrus is up to her Twitter games again!

This time the singer didn't diss her dad on the social network but recently posted a family picture instead...and then deleted it!

The original tweet was a photo of Miley with her mom AND dad with a heart as the caption. It's unclear why she deleted the pic, but it wasn't before people got a screen grab of it!

Take a look of the pic she posted here!

After she took down that pic, she posted another pic with just her mom with the caption, "It's mommy time."

You can obviously see Tish Cyrus and Miley are both wearing the same outfit in both pictures. So why did she delete the first one? Was she trying to hide the fact that her dad was there? Or maybe one of them just didn't like the pic? Hmm...

At least we know her parents are doing better and spending time together! If you recall, they announced they were going to divorce a few months ago but have since decided to work things out.

Why do you guys think Miley deleted the original family photo? Did you catch it before she got rid of it?

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