New 'Teen Mom 3' Promos Featuring Briana DeJesus and Alex Sekella (WATCH)

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'Teen Mom 3' premieres on August 26 on MTV and after releasing the original show teaser, MTV has now released two new trailers featuring Briana DeJesus and Alex Sekella. As part of their "Mondays Are a Mother" campaign that MTV did for their previous installments of Teen Mom, they have now released promos for the upcoming season of Teen Mom 3, which follow the same theme.

The first two that they've just released feature Briana DeJesus and Alex Sekella and show us a sneak peek of what we'll be seeing in their stories this season.

In Briana's promo, entitled "Mondays Are Briana," we see her baby daddy Devon's stone-cold reaction as she tells him that their daughter doesn't even know who he is and we get a better glimpse into the day-to-day struggles she faces as she tries to raise Nova without him.

In Alex's promo, entitled "Mondays Are Alex," we see her discussing her child's father Matt possibly going back to rehab and the difficulties she's facing as she, too, struggles to raise her child without a strong father figure.

Check out both of their promos below and tell us if you'll be watching Teen Mom 3 when it premieres on August 26.

To learn more about Briana, click here...and for more about Alex, click here.

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