Nick Jonas Tweets Jonas Brothers Song Lyrics: "Sandbox" About Miley Cyrus?

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Nick Jonas tweeted the lyrics to five new Jonas Brothers songs, including "What Do I Mean To You" and "Sandbox," which is rumored to be about Miley Cyrus. Check out the new JoBros song lyrics. Nick Jonas tweets Jonas Brothers new song lyricsNick Jonas is feeling generous--sharing a pic of his latest tattoo and song lyrics for some of the Jonas Brothers' new songs.

Nick tweeted the words to five songs, in honor of the Jonas Brothers' album named "V."

One tune, called "What Do I Mean to You," is believed to have been written about British singer Rita Ora.

Check out the lyrics: "Keys to an open door don't mean a lot. Stains on a dirty floor, you don't see a spot. So what do I mean tell me what do I mean to you."

He continued, "No need for water _______ when you got the wine. Searching for diamonds when I gave you the mine. So what do I mean to you."

During the JoBros' live performance of "What Do I Mean to You," Nick has been heard saying Rita's name.

Nick also tweeted words from "Found," writing: "Wow. Look at us right now. Finally we're found. Run go ahead run around, and see how quick your found. Tell me you want me to love you. Tell me and I'll never stop. I'll be around year your never lost."

He shared "Neon" lyrics as well, tweeting: "I've been looking for the reason what's the answer or the meaning of it all...Hoping that your gonna show me just surround me till I'm glowing in the dark."

He tweeted the lyrics from "The World," which the bros have named as one of their favorites off the new album, writing: "Don't think about the world. Stop blaming yourself I know you do. Don't think about the world just me and you."

Nick rounded out the five song lyric share session with one that they haven't yet played live, "Sandbox," tweeting: "The line keeps disappearing in front of me. Till I don't know where and when it's been crossed. Boast your freedom then demand an apology. Remember in the moment we both got lost."

Is "Sandbox" about Miley Cyrus? Let the rumors begin in


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