'Dexter' Season 8, Episode 7: Dexter Tracks Down Hannah

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Hannah McKay is back and bringing on the drama on 'Dexter.' Find out what happens when Dexter discovers the new life she's been living, and why his relationship with new protégé Zach isn't going so smooth. Dexter is heating up.

After the last episode's cliffhanger, Hannah is back in full force...but what is she up to?

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Dexter's New Protégé: Dexter and Vogel haven't taught Zach a code for killing yet, but Dexter did give him his first lesson. "Timing is everything," Dexter tells Zach. "One thing you need to learn, the first thing you need to learn is wait. Control your urges. Channel them."

The problem is...Zach doesn't know how to control them. And now he's getting irritated that Dexter isn't available every second of the day to help him.

Hanna's Back: After Hannah drugs Dexter and Deborah and drops him off in the middle of nowhere, Dexter tracks her down and discovers she's married to a multi-millionaire named Miles Castner. Miles seems to know her past-including her past relationship with Dexter somewhat. When Dexter confronts Hanna in a restaurant where she and her husband are having dinner, Castner tells him he knows Dexter turned her in to the police.

When Dexter meets up with Hannah in her greenhouse the next day, she says she drugged Dexter because she wanted to convince him to kill her husband, but changed her mind.

She told Dexter that once she drugged him she realized that he was "it" for her and she didn't want him to do anything that might be bad for him.

Whether Hannah was being genuine or not, Dexter totally falls for it and says he feels the same way. He leans in to kiss her and she walks away.

Disaster with Castner: Later we find out that Castner is very controlling and possessive. After Dexter meets up with Hannah, Castner hires a few goons to rough Dexter up when he finds out. Shortly after, he tries to force himself on Hanna and rough her up too when she returns to his yacht, but she manages to kill him before it goes too far.

Dexter, who was on his way to the yacht to make sure Castner didn't hurt her, walks in and sees Hanna covered with blood.

The two of them decide to clean up the mess and dispose of Castner's body in the ocean.

And while, once again, Hannah seemed genuinely frazzled with Dexter finds her with Castner's body, something still feels a little fishy about the whole situation to us.

Zach Strikes: Meanwhile, Zach's anger towards Dexter and his unavailability leads him to bludgeon Cassie, Dexter's neighbor, to death.

We can't wait to see what happens next week!

What did you think of tonight's Dexter?

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