Louis Tomlinson Fires Back at Tabloid for "Immoral" Story About His Mom

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One Direction star Louis Tomlinson got rightfully mad at The Mirror, slamming the paper for alleging that his mom, Johannah Darling, broke up a marriage. Read what Louis said on Twitter about the gossip. %VIRTUAL-Slideshow-61%

The One Direction guys have to face plenty of tabloid rumors, but when it comes to their moms--gossip is off limits.

Case in point, Louis Tomlinson, who was understandably ticked off at The Mirror for alleging that his mom broke up a marriage.

The Mirror claims that Johannah Darling, a midwife, met her fiancé Daniel Deakin when his wife's pregnancy tragically ended in 2011.

While it's unclear when Johanna and Daniel started dating, there are many reports that they got together after Daniel and his wife split.

Louis took to Twitter to fire back at the newspaper, writing, "I am appalled by what The Mirror has done to my family. It's disgusting and immoral. #f*ckyouthemirror."

He added, "As long as I am in One Direction we won't be working with the mirror."

You tell 'em, Louis!


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