Niall Horan Tattoo? Niall Gets Cheeky with James Corden Butt Tattoo

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Niall Horan got a tattoo on his butt? Of TV host James Corden's face? Not so fast. He did get the new ink, but then again...he didn't, but showed off the temporary tattoo on the show 'A League of Their Own.' Check out the pic. Niall Horan tattoo on his butt of James CordonDid Niall Horan get a tattoo...on his butt?

Yes, he did. But then again, he didn't.


And what does comedian James Corden have to do with it?

Niall got a tattoo of James' face on his backside--and he showed it off on TV to boot.

When James, who hosts the British game show A League of Their Own, found out Niall was the only One Direction guy who hasn't gotten a tattoo, he said perhaps Niall could get the host's face as his first ink.

Niall took it one step further, saying, "You should put it on my arse!"

James did just that, revealing, "We tattooed it on to his left buttock--it took him three weeks to get rid of it."

James added, "He sent me updates every week, with a photo of my fading face on his arse saying, 'It's still not gone yet.'"

Check out the pic of Niall's butt tattoo and let us know what you think.

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