Niall Horan Twitcam: Watch Now!

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Niall Horan returned with a new Twitcam session on August 12, 2013. See what Niall said about the One Direction tour, new album and the Teen Choice Awards. Niall Horan Twitcam August 12 2013 videoNiall Horan Twitcam, anyone?

Niall took to Twitter to mention doing a Twitcam sesh and fans went wild...check out Niall's August 12, 2013 Twitcam video!

It's been awhile since we've seen his handsome face on livestream video.

And the love for Niall crashed everything!

Niall gave an update, writing: "it wont let me on the twitcam page... you guys have shut it down..what other streaming pages can i use"

UPDATE!!! Well, Niall finally got on... he was adorable, but it was over pretty quickly.

Niall's Twitcam video below... here are some highlights:

He talked about just getting back from America and loved it, saying the "crowds were incredible" for the tour.

Niall spoke about the upcoming movie premiere in London.

He said the new 1D album "is done nearly."

He said it was good to be home, he's "generally chillaxin,'"

Niall thanked fans for the Teen Choice Awards

He got a new mattress. Aw.

Also? After he was done chatting, Twitcam was still on and he was seen hugging someone...but who was at the door? A mystery!

Yesterday, he tweeted about the Teen Choice Awards, writing: "Yessss ! Thank you guys so much for the awards. U mean so much to us! Wouldn't be doin it without you! Thank you America! Chill tonight!"

Today, Niall is back at home after wrapping up the One Direction tour stateside, writing: "Hometime baby! Loved bein out in the states for the last 9 weeks! Had great fun, time t relax now!"

He tweeted: "What ya reckon to doing a twitcam in a couple of hours"

Niall had more love following the 1D wins at the Teen Choice Awards, tweeting: By the way! Again, thank you so much for yesterday! 4/4 awards! Amazing! Thank you! Don't know where I'm gona fit those surf boards at home"


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