'Pretty Little Liars' Season 4, Episode 10: 'A' Closes In

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The Liars find out even more info about Allison on "The Mirror Has Three Faces," and it doesn't make her storyline any less creepy. Take a peek at what went down on this episode of Pretty Little Liars! New information about Ali popped up on tonight's dramatic episode of Pretty Little Liars...and let's just say her storyline is getting even weirder.

Check out what went down on tonight's "The Mirror Has Three Faces."

Ezra's Drama: After trying to fight for custody of his son, Malcolm, Ezra learns that he isn't even his father. Whoa.

He's completely crushed, telling Maggie, "You let me fall in love with him."

When he tries to call Aria to tell her the news, Aria is on her way to see Jake in a karate competition and ignores the call. That couldn't have helped him feel any better.

And speaking of new twists, Aria soon skips Jake's competition and tries to track down some info about Ali. She heads to Philly and runs into CeCe's old roommate, who tells her that CeCe hated all the Liars for supposedly helping Allison push someone down the stairs at a frat party.

Emily's Family Bonding: Meanwhile, Emily goes to stay with Allison's mom, Mrs. DiLaurentis to try to get info on Allison, and after some bonding time, Emily finds out that someone has been sleeping in her basement and spying on them through holes drilled into the ceiling.

During that time, Hanna manages to make her way upstairs to Allison's bedroom, and in one really creepy scene, 'A' walks into the room and stands behind Hanna, unbeknownst to her.

Toby's Mom: Yup, Toby is still trying to find out what really happened to his mom and Spencer is still helping. Toby receives the package that 'A' was prepping at the end of the last episode-sheet music of "Any Time"-which leads him back to Dr. Palmer. That visit, however, doesn't give him much more info than what he started with.

The Allison-CeCe Connection: In a creepy (and confusing) flashback, we find out a bit more about Allison and CeCe's relationship. There was an instance where Ms. DiLaurentis rushes home and yells at Ali (who happens to be playing piano) because she went to Radley to meet with Dr. Palmer and found out that CeCe had been wearing Allison's clothes and essentially pretending to be her.

This brings up a whole new set of questions, like how crazy did their relationship get, and if CeCe had been wearing Allison's masks, etc.

Wren is Back: Mona is still in Radley, and it looks like she has stopped taking her meds. Clearly, Mona is up to something...we're just not sure what it is yet. And she's not the only one. Wren is back and stirring up the drama as well. After trying to get Mona to open up in the mental hospital, Hanna tracks him down and he tells her that someone-a blonde-tried to get in to see Mona and was turned away.

And here's where he gets suspicious.

When Hannah walks away, he calls someone and says "we have a problem. I'll take care of my end. You take care of yours."

Then, he tells Mrs. Hastings that Mona is dangerous and she wants to see the Liars hurt.

What is this guy up to?

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