'Teen Wolf' Season 3, Episode 11: The Werewolves Sacrifice Themselves

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Teen Wolf left us on the edge of our seats. In "Alpha Pact," which centered on sacrifice, Scott, Stiles, Allison and Derek all put their lives at risk to save the ones they love. Find out what went down! Tonight's episode of Teen Wolf left us on the edge of our seats.

With Scott's mom and Stiles' dad still tied up in Jennifer's lair, Scott and Stiles do everything they can to track them down...including risking their own lives.

And there was way more going on in this action-packed episode, which centered on sacrifice.

Check out what went down on "Alpha Pact."

Derek Sacrifices His Power: Cora is still near death, and after Isaac sees Derek doing nothing but sitting there staring at her, he points out that Derek can save Cora. How so? Peter tells him that he can absorb her poison by performing a healing technique that would take away his Alpha powers and turn him into a Beta (and possibly kill him if it goes wrong).

Nevertheless, Derek decides to go for it, and when he does, his eyes turn to blue, just as Cora wakes up.

Chris Argent Sacrifices Himself: Meanwhile, Allison's dad decides to take on Jennifer i.e. the Darach in order to save Stiles' dad and Scott's mom.

He goes back to the bank vault with Isaac and Alison to look for clues, and lures Jennifer there so that she will kidnap him, giving him the opportunity to find the parents and defeat her.

His plan goes awry though when Jennifer takes the bait and kidnaps him, but takes all of his weapons in the process. Chris ends up tied up in the root cellar with the other two parents, helpless as well.

Stiles Loses It: Stiles starts having a panic attack when he finds out Alison's dad has been kidnapped (and he may never see his mom again). To calm him down when nothing else seems to work, Lydia gives him a big kiss on the lips. The panic attack goes away immediately and they have a really awkward moment afterwards where they just stare at each other in disbelief that they kissed. Is this finally the beginning of a romance between these two?

Once they pull themselves together, they go off to question Miss Morrell, but she's gone MIA. They soon find her, inside of an ash circle in the woods, surrounded by the Alpha Twins.

While in the circle, Miss Morrell reveals that the parents are in the root cellar and Deucalion killed Ennis. Deucalion then shoots a spear into her. Which could

Scott, Allison and Stiles Sacrifice Themselves: In order to find out the whereabouts of the root cellar-the three children of the guardian sacrifices-Scott, Allison and Stiles--have to be drowned in ice water and brought back to life. Before they do the deed, Stiles tells Scott his dad is in town (!)...and then they're pushed down into the icy water.

Do they survive it?

We have to wait until the next Teen Wolf-the season finale--to find out!

What did you think of tonight's Teen Wolf?



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