Who Leaked Lady Gaga's "Applause"?

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In a new interview, Lady Gaga opened up about her new single "Applause," including new info about the hacker who leaked it. She also talked about the new album and what she's been up to since her surgery. Lady Gaga was crushed when her new single "Applause" leaked online, which forced her to release the song a week ahead of schedule.

In a new interview with 97.1 Amp Radio with Carson Daly, Gaga opened up about the leak and revealed that they did find the person who leaked it.

While most people would assume that the source of the leak would have been someone from her inner circle, Gaga said that it wasn't someone she knew, it was actually a hacker who they have found and who is probably going to jail.


"I hate that...It makes me really upset because they're fans and they're just excited to hear any new music," she explained. In an effort to ward off the hackers and essentially warn fans, Gaga said that if there are any more leaks, those people will go to jail, too.

Also in the interview, Gaga opened up about the meaning behind the song, saying, "It's about what makes my heart beat as a performer and that's my relationship with the fans...that's what keeps me going."

Not surprising, considering Gaga has been all about her fans since day one...

As for the rest of the 'ARTPOP' album, Gaga said that it has a "glam electronic" feel and that she can't wait to play it for fans, but unlike "Applause," it will not be available ahead of its November 11 release date.

And so, we wait...



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