Sklyar Astin and Anna Camp at the Teen Choice Awards: So Close, But Yet So Far...

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Ok, so 'Pitch Perfrect' stars Skylar Astin and Anna Camp didn't formally stop to talk to us at the Teen Choice Awards, but we made the most of it. Ok, so clearly Pitch Perfect stars Skylar Astin and Anna Camp didn't get the memo that we wanted to talk to them at the Teen Choice Awards this weekend.

But, when competition is fierce on the red carpet (and you're live!), you've gotta just roll with the punches...which is exactly what we did.

We asked them the hard-hitting questions, we went "there," basically nothing was off-limits when it came to this interview.

Unfortunately, it still ended up on the cutting room floor and if you watch the video, you'll see why.

Whatever guys, we didn't really want to talk to you, anyway! (Actually, we did, but you know...)

Click the video above to see some silly stuff from behind-the-scenes of the best interview that (n)ever happened.

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