Fan Twerks With Justin Bieber...and Kisses His Neck?

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Justin Bieber was in Miami on Friday when some fans approached him in the street wanting to meet him. According to one fan, he twerked with her and kissed her neck. Justin Bieber was cruisin' the streets of Miami, minding his own business on Friday when a couple of fans approached him and got way more than they bargained for.

Instead of just a simple "hello" from the superstar (which, let's face it, is pretty awesome in and of itself), one of the girls actually twerked with Justin and has the photo to prove it!

In the photo that Twitter user @Mandslopez posted, it looks like she was doing most of the twerking, but it doesn't look like Justin minded too much, either.

"I was twerking on him what the f--k and I kissed his neck after this," she captioned the photo.

Almost immediately, she began getting hate from some Beliebers, but that didn't seem to faze her.

"I don't understand why some people just can't be happy for you! Why do you have to say mean things and rub past things in my face like they are going to affect me?" she wrote. "Whatever. I'm going to sleep. I had am amazing night and I will remember it forever."

While we don't doubt that all of this did really happen, one thing we find strange is that Mandy and her friend were also claiming they were at Kylie Jenner's birthday party and were posting about that, too, until the friend finally confessed that she made it up as a joke and wasn't actually at the party.

What do you guys think of Justin's meeting with Mandy? Do you think he was flirting or just being friendly?



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