Lady Gaga Releases Official "Applause" Video (WATCH!)

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Lady Gaga has just released the official video for her new single "Applause" and there is a lot going on. There are some remnants of old Gaga in there and some new stuff that is...

Lady Gaga's "Applause" video is here and it's...well, it's interesting.

During her interview on Good Morning America before the video aired, Gaga explained that it is about her going through various transformations and that she has a sort of obsession with such.

She also explained that the clown makeup is an ode to the jester and that she smudged it to show her sadness about how much she missed performing and her fans.

So, that explains that.

Also in the video, Mother Monster resurrects the old Gaga with a familiar costume and her signature yellow wig.

There are a bunch of other weird things that happen during the course of the song, but we don't want to spoil the surprise.

Despite it being kind of confusing, we would still give this one a thumbs up, especially because in traditional Gaga style, it just oozes creativity and that's something we can always appreciate.

Watch the video above and tell us what you think.



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