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Justin Bieber and his crew were not only welcomed by fans when they landed in Ft.Lauderdale, Fla. recently but also by the police too!

It all went down when someone called in and tipped off the cops and said that Bieber and his entourage had illegal drugs in their luggage. Totally being on top of things, the officials brought in drug dogs to search the crew's stuff when they landed.

According to TMZ, Justin wasn't phased by the search and actually talked to and posed with fans during the whole process. There was also reportedly no drugs found in any of the luggage.

Justin's crew is known to be notorious these days. His pal Lil Twist has been arrested before and they've even been photographed smoking marijuana and drinking underage together.

Are you surprised Justin was searched at the airport? Who do you think called the police on him?

Click here to see pics of the actual police search!

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