Niall Horan Mad at Harry Styles? Plus One Direction Twerking During Interview

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Niall Horan mad at Harry Styles during interview video One Direction twerking
Why did Niall Horan get mad at Harry Styles during an interview? Watch the video clip, where Harry's joke doesn't go over well with Niall, who gets annoyed. Bonus clip: One Direction twerking video of Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. With all the press One Direction did yesterday to talk about One Direction: This Is Us, we're pretty sure they started to get punchy.

And maybe a little grumpy, too, as seen in this interview, where Niall Horan gets a bit snappy at Harry Styles.

How did this all come about?

During the interview, the guys are asked about the movie, fame...all the typical stuff.

If you skip ahead to the 4:00 mark, you'll see Niall getting ruffled, however.

Harry and Niall are talking about how to avoid mobs of fans and after Niall gives his tips, Harry says, "I thought you were going to say time your trips outside girls' schools."

Niall, looking a bit irritated, says, "Yeah, 'cause I walk past girls schools all the time. What the hell? Of course I don't."

OMG. Too funny.

Of course, Harry was pretty much hyper and goofy the whole interview, so he was just having a laugh.

In other fun One Direction interview news, after Harry showed off his twerking skills at the Teen Choice Awards, the rest of the guys gave it a whirl.

Check out Niall, Zayn, Liam, and Louis giving their best twerk moves...Liam took it the most seriously, while Zayn--well, we'll give him and the rest of the lads bonus points for even attempting it.

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