'Teen Wolf' Season 3 Finale: The Darach Attacks

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Jennifer, a.k.a. The Darach, is fighting back with a vengeance on the season finale of 'Teen Wolf', and two characters don't make it out alive. Find out who won't be returning for the winter season of the MTV show.
Teen Wolf's season three has finally come to an end.

And, wow, did it end with a bang.

Find out if Deaton's ice bath experiment worked, if the parents were rescued, and which two characters were killed off on tonight's Teen Wolf!

Ice Bath Experiment: The experiment worked! Deaton's advice to submerge Scott, Stiles and Alison in ice baths for 16 hours to help them track down their parents, paid off, and they are able to find them. But, not without a heap load of drama going down in the process.

Revenge of the Alphas: Or on the Alphas, we should say. Speaking of drama, Jennifer went to war with the Alpha crew at Derek's loft and won (at first), killing Kali by catapulting shards of glass to her face, and knocking out twins Aiden and Ethan with a blow to the neck that looked like it killed them at first.

Had it not been for Deaton-as well as Lydia, who brought them to Deaton--the duo would've been dead.

The Showdown: And that was just the beginning of the battle between Jennifer and just about everyone else.

Next up, was a showdown between the Deucalion, Scott, Derek and Jennifer.

Deucalion tries to convince Scott to kill Jennifer and become the "killer" True Alpha he was meant to be. "Who's going to save [the parents]," Deucalion asks, "Your friends?"

Instead of killing Jennifer though, Scott continues to trust that Stiles, Alison and Isaac will find and save them in time.

And they do.

The Big Save: Allison and Isaac find the parents, and then Stiles arrives (after crashing his Jeep) just in time-- right before they're buried alive by a windfall of debris whipped up by Jennifer.

Back at the loft, Jennifer transforms into the hideous Darach, whoops Deucalion's butt and gives him his eyesight back so he can see the price she had to pay because of his and Kali's wrath back in the day.

This weakens her, but right when Derek tries to go after her, she drops a ring of mountain ash around herself for protection.

And that is when Scott becomes a True Alpha, breaking through her protection circle.

Once that circle is broken, the Deucalion slices her throat, and the parents, Stiles, Alison and Isaac are able to free themselves. The twins also snap back to life.

Alas, Jennifer was not dead after the slice-up. She instead crawled back to the tree that saved her before so that it could save her again. But, this time, Peter is there to finish her off.

After telling him she knows he's going to take Scott's Alpha power, he slices her throat and screams "I am the Alpha! I've always been the Alpha!"

Derek the Beta: While all seems to be well in Beacon Hills with Jennifer gone, Derek is seen leaving town (as a Beta) with his sister Cora and it's not clear whether he will come back to Beacon Hills again.

The winter season premiere of Teen Wolf kicks off Jan. 6.

What did you think of tonight's Teen Wolf?

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