'Pretty Little Liars' Season 4, Episode 11: Is Red Coat Revealed?

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On the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars, "Bring Down the Hoe," a hoe-down takes center stage...as does Cece Drake. But, as we find out more about Cece, is it possible that she's Red Coat? Find out, here! On this week's Pretty Little Liars, a hoedown takes center stage...along with Cece Drake.

Find out what went down on tonight's penultimate episode, "Bring Down the Hoe."

Ms. DiLaurentis' Live-in Stalker: As Emily, Aria and Spencer investigate Ms. DiLaurentis' basement to try to find clues on who's been living there, they find a button. And then a person, 'A', starts poking a long knitting needle through the holes they're looking through to put a quick stop to that search. Yikes.

Cece Drake Abounds: Meanwhile, Cece is popping up everywhere again, and later in the episode we see her surrounded by pictures and newspaper clippings of the Liars.

Here's what else we learned about her this week: She just so happens to have a red coat and it's possible that she used to hook up with Wilden. Whoa.

It looks like Cece might be 'A,' but something tells us that's too easy of an answer.

Jake or Ezra: In preparation for the hoe down, Jake gets super romantic and buys Aria new cowboy boots--and then slips them on her feet Cinderella style in public as well.

In the meantime, Emily catches wind of the fact that Ezra is no longer dealing with baby mama drama and tells Aria to call him.

In the midst of all of that, Ezra shows up to the hoe-down as a chaperone. Jake comes up to him at the dance and tells Ezra to give him and Aria more space, and that he needs to let Aria move on.

Speaking of Aria, she tries to ask Ezra about Malcolm when she sees him at the hoe-down. And she even shows up to his place later when he blows her off, sitting down, holding his hand and telling him she's not leaving, so he may as well tell her what went down.

Outside the door, a blonde in a dark hoodie is listening...who just so happens to be Cece. But, why is she there?

Ashley's Alibi: In the midst of finding an envelope full of cash in her locker, Hanna has also been getting followed around by a mysterious guy, who ends up being someone who could set her mother free. The guy happens to be Travis, who heard Ashley and Wilden fighting the night of his murder. But, he also heard Ashley get into her car and drive away before the shots were fired that killed him. He also saw a girl with Wilden when he drove off.

Although he's been paid bribe money, Hanna tries to convince him to take the money back and confess what he saw.

He does, telling the truth to Lieutenant Tanner about what went down.

A on the Run: Meanwhile, 'A' is stalking the girls at the hoe down, creepily spying on them from outside (not a surprise). But, things get even creepier when Emily and Spencer hop in a pick up truck to chase down 'A' and see someone moving around in the hay in the back of it. After grabbing an axe and chopping through the hay, they find nothing but a red coat.

Emily shakes off the creepy encounter and heads back inside. She reconnects with Paige, who showed up to the hoedown, and in spite of their recent blow out, they end up slow dancing together.



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