Scary Setback for 'Teen Mom 2' Tot Aliannah Simms: Might End Up in a Wheelchair?

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'Teen Mom 2' star Leah Calvert knew very early on that her daughter Aliannah Simms would have a difficult road ahead of her as far as her health was concerned. Unfortunately, it seems that... Oh no! Not more bad news for Teen Mom 2 star Leah Calvert.

The young mom, who had her twins Ali and Aleeah on MTV's 16 & Pregnant, recently tweeted that she was struggling with something that sounded like it might be related to little Ali's health struggles.

"This week could get worse but then again maybe just maybe some good can come out of it after Wednesday .. So many things left unanswered," she posted on July 15. Two days later, she posted an update that, while vague, indicated that maybe they didn't get good news. "Angry is how I feel... No explanation. I hope this is your will god and someday you can give me an explanation. #NoWords"

Leah also retweeted a post by Ali's grandfather, which said, "Every few months we make a journey full of hope only to go home with our hearts ripped out."

On Leah's Teen Mom 2 episodes, we saw them travel to a doctor that was a couple of hours away, which must have been the journey that they were talking about.

Still, we were holding out and hoping for the best.

Then, RadarOnline confirmed that Leah's worst fears could be coming true. "Things went from bad to worse with Ali and it turns out that she could have to be in a wheelchair soon," their source said.

They added, "Ali has been doing therapy for a few years now and seemed to be improving, however, from what the doctor told the family at Ali's big doctor appointment in July, her disorder will just keep getting worse...Apparently the muscles will start to deteriorate and she will most likely lose the ability to walk."

Obviously, that explains why Leah was so heartbroken.

Hopefully, little Ali will defy the odds and prove the doctors wrong, but in a sea of uncertainty, we're at least glad Ali has such a wonderful family who will be by her side through any triumph or tribulation.

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