Taylor Swift: Man Charged With Trespassing After Giving Her Security Guard a Note?

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There's more drama between Taylor Swift and her Rhode Island neighbors! You won't believe what a fan did that landed him in trouble! Click to read more! Will the drama between Taylor Swift's neighbors and her security team ever end?

A 55-year-old T-Swift fan named Joseph Bernatche has been charged with trespassing after he reportedly passed a note to one of Taylor's security guards, outside her Rhode Island mansion, that included his phone number.

"He was trying to pass a note to the security guard to give presumably to Ms. Swift," Joseph's attorney, Michael Robinson, told E! News.

"I think they overreacted a little bit and I think they wanted to quash the situation. There was an allegation he trespassed...but the arresting officer took him into custody before an investigation was actually conducted."

The lawyer is also questionable that his client was even on Taylor's property in the first place, as he reportedly parked across the street from her residence.

"No, he wasn't on her property. But he did pass a note and they found the note disturbing and immediately assumed the worse," Michael added.

When the guard was given the note, he admittedly contacted local police. They were the ones who arrested Joseph.

Joseph is described as an "extremely polite and well-mannered" person. Although, this incident isn't his first one he has had at Tay's house. He reportedly already caused a disturbance at her mansion after he trespassed in April too. That's why cops were so quick to arrest him this time around.

Joesph's due in court today. Click here to read all of the updates!

Do you think Joseph should be charged with trespassing this time around?

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