'Dexter' Season 8, Episode 9: Dexter Finds The Brain Surgeon

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Things are heating up on the final episodes of Dexter. On "Make Your Own Kind of Music," Dexter solves the mystery behind the Brain Surgeon's identity, and there's a shocking connection to Dr. Vogel.
Dexter has solved the mystery behind the Brain Surgeon...and this time he has the right guy.

On "Make Your Own Kind of Music," the connection behind Dr. Vogel and the Brain Surgeon is revealed, and Dexter decides to make a shocking move to live his life with Hannah McKay.

Check out the best moments from Dexter.

The Brain Surgeon Revealed: While on the hunt for Zach's killer a.k.a. The Brain Surgeon, Dexter heads to Dr. Vogel's home, questioning her about her former patients in hopes to find a clue as to who killed him.

In the midst of their meeting, Dr. Vogel reveals she has a psychopathic son who used to box up brain pieces and leave them at her doorstep. She tells Dexter that he drowned his brother when he was a child, and she sent him away to a mental hospital-where he died when a fire broke out. Or, so she thought. Dr. Vogel never saw or identified her son's burned body and Dexter has a hunch he made it out.

Dexter then starts to look into whether Dr. Vogel's son is not only still alive, but possibly the Brain Surgeon. She gives him a photo of her son when he was a child, and Dexter searches the Miami metro database for an advanced age face match based on the pic.

It matches Oliver Saxon-a guy his late neighbor Cassie was dating at the time of her death. And after some DNA testing, Dexter finds out that Oliver is Vogel's son (and also the Brain Surgeon).

Dexter then decides to kill Oliver, and lets Dr. Vogel in on his plan. But, Dr. Vogel, wants to institutionalize her son instead, begging Dexter to let him live with claims that Oliver will stop killing.

But, after Dexter drugs Vogel and goes after Oliver, it becomes clear that Oliver is on to him, slashing one of Dexter's tires so he can't follow him from a café that Dexter has been watching him at.

Dexter rushes back to Vogel's home to make sure Oliver hasn't killed her, and when he leaves, we see Vogel and Oliver sitting down for a cup of tea, with Vogel reassuring Oliver that she didn't send Dexter to kill him.

Two things becomes clear here: Vogel isn't going to let Dexter come between her and her son, and now that Oliver knows who Dexter is, things are about to get even more interesting.

Deb's Big Decision: After Deb helps Quinn find clues about Cassie's killer, he randomly kisses her in the parking lot after visiting a home. And while we can't say we didn't see that coming, Deb immediately shrugs off his advances.

After getting a rush from her work with Quinn though, Deb considers returning to Miami metro. Batista gives her her detective badge back, but Deb tells him she needs some time to think about if she wants to accept the position.

Dexter's Big Move: Meanwhile, Deb's boss hires a bounty hunter to find Hannah, and as he gets hot on Hannah's trail, Dexter decides that he wants to move with her and his son, Harrison, to Argentina, telling Hannah that Deb will be the only one who knows where they are.

Will Dexter actually make the Argentina move before the bounty hunter discovers Hannah's whereabouts? And what's to come with Oliver, now that Dexter is determined to kill him and Oliver knows all about him?

Considering this is the final season of the Showtime show and there are only three episodes left...anything is possible.

Don't miss the next episode of Dexter on Showtime at 9 p.m. EST.

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