Ryan Guzman Talks First On-Screen Kiss With Lucy Hale

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While it may look like Ryan Guzman and Lucy Hale have no trouble getting hot and heavy, the Pretty Little Liars actor told us what it was like to kiss Lucy for the first time. Things are heating up between Aria and Jake on Pretty Little Liars, with the duo sharing their first steamy kiss just a couple of episodes ago.

But, while it may look like Ryan Guzman and Lucy Hale have no trouble getting hot and heavy onscreen, Ryan said the duo's first onscreen kiss was "the most unromantic thing you can think of."

So, what gives?

"Our first actual real kiss we were both deathly sick," Ryan told us. "No one can really tell but both of us between takes were hacking."


Aside from that awkward moment, Ryan said Lucy helped him fit in with the rest of the cast when he first signed on.

"It was kind of intimidating in the beginning, because they have their own family," Ryan said. "They've been there for four seasons. So, I didn't know how I was going to fit in. But, I kind of knew Lucy beforehand, so she kind of helped me get in and be comfortable. I visited set the other day and everybody came in and gave me hugs."

Ryan also dished on the similarities between himself and his character, saying, "I feel like Jake is just a good hearted guy who wants to protect. He is who he says he is."

"There's a lot of me in Jake in terms of relationships--we kind of have the same views, and obviously the martial arts," Jake said, who started his martial arts training with Taekwondo.

And he also let us in on what's to come on the ABC Family show.

"The last episode I just shot is crazy," Ryan continued. "You'll find out that certain loved characters might not be so loving and they end up lashing out. I think it's the biggest shock of the season. is a shock. It's crazy. You find out that certain loved people aren't so loving."

Don't miss Ryan in action on Pretty Little Liars tomorrow at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

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