5 Things to Know About Jana Kramer

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We got on the phone to chat with actress and country artist Jana Kramer to talk about her new movie 'Heart of Country' and found out 5 things you need to know about her! Country music scored another gem!

Jana Kramer is an actress and country artist who released her self-titled debut album last summer. We got on the phone with her recently to chat about what she's been up to, plus the 5 things you need to know about her.

5: Jana first got to showcase her music while she was a part of the popular TV show One Tree Hill. "I made a lot of great friends, and I got to preview my music on that show," she says. "I always wanted to do music, but I never thought they would write it in and change my character into a singer."

4: Her debut album came out in June, 2012, and she's already making her next moves. "I'm working on that [sophomore album] and going to the studio the second week of September," she says. Count on hearing some personal stuff. And there will be "a lot more songs on it that I wrote just because I really have to step up my game from the last album."

3: She may seem like a fresh face (literally--how white are her teeth?), but she did take home this year's ACM Award for Top New Female Artist! "It definitely feels really good to be acknowledged, but you never want to get too big-headed," she says. "I'm kind of riding the wave, and it's awesome that I won an award, but I'd rather win over a million fans."

2: Her new DVD Heart of the Country holds a dear place in her heart. In it, her character, Faith, returns to her rural home after living a luxurious life. "The fact that I could sing in it, showcase my music and the storyline behind it, the struggle my character has, to me it's so special," she says. There are plenty of similarities when it comes to Jana and Faith, but "the difference is I didn't give up on anything for anyone."

1: She's currently on tour with Blake Shelton! "He's fantastic and an amazing entertainer. He's very sweet, and I'm learning a lot from him," she says. His advice for Jana? "He just says to have fun and keep going, keep doing it."

Don't forget to check out Jana's new DVD, Heart of the Country, in stores now!



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