One Direction 'Nightline' Interview: Tattoos, Fame, and New Album Details

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Watch One Direction on Nightline video
Watch One Direction on 'Nightline,' a new interview with Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan that covers their fame, impact on fans, meaning behind tattoos and their new movie and upcoming album. One Direction sat down for a new interview with Nightline, shedding light on what it's like being in the biggest boy band in the world--and breaking an exclusive--lyrics to one of their new songs!

But first...Niall in his underwear and Harry, shirtless, getting ready to get into the shower...

Now back to reality.

As Liam is getting ready, he reveals a bit about his tattoos in the process, including the line "I Figured It Out," which he says is a song lyric from a new song on their upcoming album.

He noted, "That's actually a line at the start of one of the songs. So that will all come into play later on."

The feather on his arm, he explained, has special family meaning: "The feather was a thing, my mom when I was a kid, we would find feathers around the house and whenever she'd find them she'd say it was my nan that was leaving them there for us to find, which is quite sweet."


Liam also shed some light on the feeling of letting fans down who wait to see 1D but don't get a chance to snap a picture, explaining, "I take it to heart every time I see a sad face or someone who is outside and doesn't get a picture."

He added, "But it does get scary sometimes, people don't realize that. It is a bit scary when you got loads of people screaming at you."

The guys also talked about staying true to who they are and their impact on fans, which Zayn says "is a humbling comment to think that you could change somebody's life," noting that they are "grateful."

The greatest misperception, Louis said, is that nobody expects that they have control over anything.

He explained, "But actually, it's the exact opposite. The longer that we stay in the band, the more control that we feel like we're getting over everything. So, you know, it's very important for us to be over every part of the project, really, because the brand is 'us' at the end of the day."

Harry sums up the idea of staying grounded when you're famous, saying, "It's not about being who you were. It's about keeping who you were part of who you are now."



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