'Pretty Little Liars' Season 4 Summer Finale: 'A' Is Revealed

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On the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars, two shocking secrets are revealed. Find out who 'A' really is and if Allison is dead or alive! File this one under things we didn't see coming.

We've been biting our nails waiting for the big reveal Pretty Little Liars had in store for its summer season finale, and we certainly got it.

'A' was revealed tonight, and it's none other than....


Were we so wrapped up in his baby mama drama that we missed clues that he was that much of a creep?

And that wasn't the only secret that came to light in the summer season finale.

We finally found out if Alison is definitely alive or not...and she is very much alive (!).

So, how did these mysteries reveal themselves?

The Liars rush to Ravenswood to a carnival to try to find Mona-who 'A' claims he/she's kidnapped. We later see that Mona is safe and sound...but Emily is not. She disappears and lands in a coffin at the carnival. Luckily, the Liars manage to save her before she gets cut in half by a saw that has been turned on right in front of the box she's trapped in.

In the midst of all of that drama, the girls see two red coats in the room with them. Aria goes after one of them and Spencer goes after the other. Aria soon finds that the Red Coat she chased is CeCe Drake and the duo starts fighting, with CeCe falling over a railing and appearing to die. It is clear she is not dead though when the Liars come back to the spot where she fell and there is no body.

Although Spencer loses the other red coat, she finds an 'A' lair in the process, which has a ton of photos of all of them and computers-how 'A' has been keeping track of them.

When the girls leave the lair, they run into Alison's old sorority house mother Mrs. Grunwald, who reveals that Alison is still alive (!)...but "doesn't want to be found." Wait...what?!

Apparently, Alison was afraid and had a feeling she was being stalked. She asked the soothsayer Ms. Grunwald to help her find out who was making threats to her.

Ms. Grunwald said she had a weird feeling the night Ali was supposedly murdered, and drove to Rosewood on a hunch. She found Ali buried in a dirt grave and pulled her out. Ali disappeared before she could check her into the hospital though, fleeing her car when Ms. Grunwald went inside.

Ms. Grunwald warns the Liars not to try to find Alison and to leave Ravenswood, saying "You're being watched...He's hoping you'll lead him to Alison...he's here."

Naturally, they don't listen and decide to stay in Ravenswood to crash a costume party where Ali might be in attendance. And in the darkness, we can see someone wearing a hoodie. That person walks back to his lair, takes off his hood, and we see that it's Ezra (!)

Once we picked our jaws up from the ground, we remembered that Aria just kissed Ezra in a coffee shop after things fizzled with Jake. She met up with him at The Brew after he thanked her for being there for him, and leaned over and kissed him.

Needless to say, we are absolutely team Jake now.

Will the Liars find out that Ezra is 'A?' And will they finally run into Alison at the costume party?

Don't forget to tune into Pretty Little Liars Oct. 22 on ABC Family at 8 p.m. for the show's annual Halloween special that the cast has been buzzing about!

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